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Instructor Profile

Kazuma Iwasaki


PHI Pilates Instructor (Mat I & II, Props, Barrel, Chair, Reformer I & II, Tower, YUR® BACK – Mat Program for Lower Back Pain)
Physical Therapist (Japan)
Urinary Incontinence Care Therapist(Japan)
Fascial Manipulation Level I, II, and III Certified

He worked as a physical therapist in Japan at a general hospital and orthopaedic clinics. During this time, he was motivated to provide appropriate exercise as a physical therapist, which led him to discover PHI Pilates through various training programs. As he integrated Pilates into rehabilitation, he witnessed the improvement in patients’ physical conditions and symptoms, which fascinated him about Pilates.

However, he also encountered patients who experienced recurrent issues even after completing rehabilitation in hospitals and clinics. This experience highlighted the importance of preventive measures. Determined to support individuals in preventing pain and discomfort, he chose to work at luluto, where he provides Pilates that can quickly transform one’s body.

“Through Pilates, I am committed to wholeheartedly supporting individuals in achieving their goals of a beautiful and healthy body. Let’s create and maintain a healthier you together!”

Munira Muhris


luluto Certified Pilates Instructor
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
GGS Certified Women’s Coaching Specialist
500hr Yoga Teacher Training
Core Balance Stretch Therapy
WSQ Sports Massage


Munira possesses over a decade of experience in education and the fitness industry, offering a distinct blend of expertise in her role as a Pilates instructor. She embodies the spirit of a passionate educator who ardently embraces the principle that ‘Every Body Is Different.’

Her journey in this field started with yoga, which kindled her profound passion for movement and holistic wellness. This early experience became a cornerstone in her fitness approach, all the while tailoring to the unique needs of each individual under her guidance.

Throughout her career, Munira has collaborated with a diverse range of organisations and athletes, extending her expertise in sports therapy and post-rehabilitation.

Before joining luluto, Munira spearheaded a social enterprise with a dedicated focus on sports recovery for women, reaffirming her unwavering commitment to inclusivity and the advancement of women’s health and fitness.

Maki  Takahashi


FTP Mat Pilates Instructor

luluto Certified Pilates Instructor


Amid the demands of household chores and child-rearing as a full-time homemaker, she discovered Pilates while in Laos. The improvements she experienced in her postpartum figure and alleviation of incontinence were so profound that she was inspired to become professionally certified in Japan.

She went on to independently teach Mat Pilates classes in Laos and Singapore, continuously deepening her expertise. Following specialized training at Luluto, she began her journey as a Pilates machine instructor.

“I will do my best to support your physical problems and discomforts caused by working hard to raise your child.

Let’s enjoy making your body beautiful and comfortable through Pilates!”