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Instructor Profile

Yong Qian Hui

 luluto Certified Pilates Instructor
 200hr Yoga Teacher Training
 Health Coaching Training Program Certification – HMI Institute of Health Sciences

Qian started her yoga & wellness journey back in 2020 and witnessed significant physical and mental health benefits. Over the years, she noticed improvements in her shoulder blade tightness, tension headaches and emotional wellness. In 2023, she travelled to Bali (Ubud) to complete a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course and became a certified Yoga Instructor.

During the training, she was exposed to body alignment knowledge. This sparked her interest in human anatomy which led her to explore Pilates. She believes in the transformative benefits of Pilates to enhance individual posture, mobility, strength and flexibility.

Qian is committed to support individuals in their fitness and wellness journey, unlock confidence and trust in their own physical bodies. 

Crystal Lim

luluto Certified Pilates Instructor
200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh, India
CPR+AED & Basic First Aid Provider – Singapore Red Cross Society

Having been part of her school’s Pilates club during her junior college days, the intensity of Pilates left an impression on Crystal.

Years later, as a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines, Crystal took up yoga to cope with her anxiety and insomnia issues. It was then she reconnected back with Pilates, finding solace in the mind-body connection of both practices.

Inspired by the gravity-defying nature of Pilates and recognising its impact beyond physical health and emotional well-being, Crystal transitioned from journalism to teaching full time post-pregnancy in 2024. Motherhood has cultivated a greater sense empathy and understanding, fostering a supportive environment in all her Pilates and yoga classes.

Crystal is dedicated to her role as both a teacher and student in this lifelong pursuit.

“While gravity pulls us down, Pilates will lift us up.”

Kazuma Iwasaki

PHI Pilates Instructor (Mat I & II, Props, Barrel, Chair, Reformer I & II, Tower, YUR® BACK – Mat Program for Lower Back Pain)
Physical Therapist (Japan)
Urinary Incontinence Care Therapist(Japan)
Fascial Manipulation Level I, II, and III Certified

He worked as a physical therapist in Japan at a general hospital and orthopaedic clinics. During this time, he was motivated to provide appropriate exercise as a physical therapist, which led him to discover PHI Pilates through various training programs. As he integrated Pilates into rehabilitation, he witnessed the improvement in patients’ physical conditions and symptoms, which fascinated him about Pilates.

However, he also encountered patients who experienced recurrent issues even after completing rehabilitation in hospitals and clinics. This experience highlighted the importance of preventive measures. Determined to support individuals in preventing pain and discomfort, he chose to work at luluto, where he provides Pilates that can quickly transform one’s body.

“Through Pilates, I am committed to wholeheartedly supporting individuals in achieving their goals of a beautiful and healthy body. Let’s create and maintain a healthier you together!”