The following are the terms of use for “Luluto PILATES” operated by RIGAKUBODY PTE. LTD.

Article 1 Scope of Application
The terms and conditions set forth herein shall apply to all contracts related to RIGAKUBODY PTE. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “the Studio”), which is operated by RIGAKUBODY PTE.

Article 2 Purpose
The purpose of the Studio is to promote the physical and mental health of its Members, to promote friendship among Members, and to contribute to the creation of a rich and healthy community in the local community.

Article 3 Membership
The Studio shall have a membership system. The admission procedure shall be as described in Article 6, and the admission fee, administration fee, and monthly fees for each course as determined by the Studio shall be as shown in the attached table [Enrollment Course]. The fees listed in the attached table may be revised from time to time, and the revised fees will be applied thereafter. The Studio reserves the right to add, change, or discontinue courses as necessary.
The scope and conditions of use of the Studio by Members shall be as set forth in these Terms and Conditions. The benefits and privileges of the Membership (including campaigns) shall also be subject to the provisions of the Company.
Members must register for one of the “Course Names” in each of the “Registered Courses” in the attached table.
Members may take lessons of the registered course up to the “number of lessons (per month)” in the attached table per month.

Article 4 Membership Qualifications
The membership qualifications of the studio are as follows. Membership must be continued after admission to the Studio.
Those who have declared to the Company that they are in good health to use the Studio’s facilities and to take lessons.
Members who agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement, the admission guide, and the scope and conditions of use of the studio as stipulated by the Company.
Those whose purpose is to improve their own physical and mental health (we do not permit admission for the purpose of sales or research for the purpose of providing information to third parties).
Those who make any of the guarantees listed in Paragraph 2 of this Article.
Those who have never been expelled from membership by the Company in the past. In special cases, such as when the cause of the expulsion has been remedied, the Company may allow the applicant to reapply for membership.
Those who have no other reasons that the Company deems ineligible for membership.
Members (including those who wish to take a trial lesson or join the Studio. Hereinafter the same shall apply in this Article) warrants to the Company that he/she does not, now or in the future, fall under any of the following anti-social forces such as organized crime groups (hereinafter referred to as “anti-social forces, etc.”).
Boryokudan (organized crime groups)
Bouryokudan members (including those who have not been Bouryokudan members for a period of five (5) years after ceasing to be Bouryokudan members)
Quasi-organized crime syndicate members
Companies affiliated with organized crime groups
General assembly members, etc., and social activists, etc.
Any other person equivalent to the preceding items.
The member warrants to the Company that it has not and will not provide funds, directly or indirectly, under any name whatsoever, to antisocial forces, etc. The member warrants to the Company that it has not and will not provide funds, directly or indirectly, under any name whatsoever, to antisocial forces, etc.
The member warrants to the Company that it has no socially reprehensible relationships, direct or indirect, with antisocial forces.
Members warrant to the Company that they will not engage in any of the following acts by themselves or through the use of a third party
Violent demand acts
Unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibility
Acts of threatening words or deeds or using violence in connection with business transactions
Acts of spreading rumors, using deception or force to damage the Company’s credibility or interfere with the Company’s obligations
Any other acts similar to those listed above.
If a member violates any of the provisions of this article, the Company may suspend the member’s use of the studio and terminate any and all agreements between the Company and the member without any prior notice.

Article 5 Trial Lesson
If you are not a member of the Studio, you may take any of the lessons listed in the attached [Trial Lesson]. The fee for one trial lesson is as shown in the attached “Trial Lesson Fee”.
Trial lessons are available by reservation only and can be made by phone or online. If you come to the reception desk without making a reservation, we may decline your request for a trial lesson due to the capacity of one lesson. Also, if you wish to take more than the number of trial lessons stipulated by the studio, we may decline your request unless you become a member.

Article 6 Admission Procedures
Those who wish to become a member of the Studio must agree to the Terms and Conditions, the Admission Information Memorandum, and any other scope and conditions of use stipulated by the Company, and fill out the RIGAKUBODY PTE. LTD. membership application form prescribed by the Company, indicating the course of study for which they wish to register and any other necessary information. The Company will determine whether or not the applicant is qualified for membership and whether or not he/she can register for the desired course, and those who are approved will be required to pay the admission fee and other fees as stipulated in Article 7, Section 2, Item 1. Upon completion of all of these procedures, the Company will admit the applicant to the lessons of the course for which he/she has registered, and will issue a membership card for the Studio.

Article 7 Payment of Various Expenses
Consumption Tax
Consumption tax on various fees (all payments made by members to the Company) shall be borne by the member. In the event of a change in the consumption tax rate due to a revision of the Consumption Tax Law, the revised consumption tax rate will apply to expenses incurred on or after the effective date. If a member has already paid the fees incurred after the effective date before the effective date, the member will be required to pay the difference.
Time and Method of Payment of FeesAt the time of enrollment, members are required to pay the “enrollment fee” and “administration fee” for the [enrollment course] listed in the attached table, as well as the “monthly course fee” from the enrollment month to the following two months of the enrolled course, in cash or by credit card. However, only the enrollment fee for the month of enrollment can be paid at the time of the lesson. Please note that the fees to be paid at the time of enrollment are subject to change due to campaigns and other reasons.
Monthly tuition for courses registered after the previous month will be transferred to your bank account on the first day of the next month. Please bring the credit card that will be used as the account for the transfer when you apply for membership (no bankbook or personal seal is required). Regardless of the date of the account transfer, the consumption tax rate at the end of the month of the applicable lesson will be applied.
Additional lesson fees and trial lesson fees must be paid in cash or by credit card at the time the lesson is taken. If there is a cancellation fee for a reserved lesson, the fee must be paid the next time you come to the studio.
Handling of non-payment
Members who are in arrears in the payment of fees and charges will not be allowed to use the studio. In order to use the studio, all unpaid fees must be paid in full.
Handling of fees already paid
Fees paid (in cash or by credit card) will not be refunded to members for any reason.

Article 8 Class Schedule
The Company will set the lesson time, instructor’s name, and in the case of group courses, the level and content, etc., for each course at the Studio, and publish the class schedule on the website. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances, such as instructor’s health condition, the scheduled instructor, lesson level, and content may be changed without notice to the member.

Article 9 Reservation and Cancellation of Lessons, Course Change
Members may reserve lessons up to the “maximum number of reservations” by phone, web, or at the counter of the studio where the lesson they wish to take is available, until the “reservation period” in the [Periods] section of the attached table. In addition, specific examples of the maximum number of reservations for each lesson are listed in the attached table.
Members may cancel a lesson by phone, web, or at the counter of the studio where the reserved lesson is located until the “Cancellation Period” shown in the attached table. Even if the member requests cancellation after the said period, the member will be deemed to have taken one lesson in the case of a lesson of the registered course, and in the case of an additional lesson or trial lesson, the member will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the “additional lesson fee” or “trial lesson fee”.

Article 10. Suspension and Withdrawal
A self-suspension means that a member suspends his/her membership in the Studio by making an application on his/her own. In the event of reinstatement, no admission fee or administrative fee will be charged. Members may apply for self-suspension by presenting their membership card at the studio counter of the course for which they have registered. Please note that the period of time between the request for self-suspension and the completion of the procedure is as indicated in the “Period for self-suspension procedures” in the Appendix [Periods]. If you wish to reinstate your membership, please contact us by phone or e-mail. You may also make a lesson reservation at that time.
Withdrawal from membership
Withdrawal from membership means that a member voluntarily applies to lose his/her membership to the Studio. When a Member re-joins the Studio, the same procedures and fees as for the initial membership will apply. Members may apply for withdrawal from membership by presenting their membership card at the studio counter of the course in which they are registered. Please note that the period of time between the request for withdrawal and the completion of the withdrawal procedure is as shown in the attached table “Withdrawal Procedure Period” (during this period, the monthly course fee prior to the withdrawal will be charged). (During this period, the monthly tuition fee before withdrawal will be charged.

Article 11 Transfer, Inheritance, and Loan of Membership
Membership to the studio may not be inherited, transferred, or lent to another person, nor may it be used as collateral.

A member shall lose his/her membership and any rights as a member if any of the following occurs
When the membership withdrawal procedure has been completed
When a member is ordered by the Company to withdraw from membership in accordance with Article 13
When a member dies
When a petition for bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization, or special liquidation is filed Or when a voluntary liquidation is proposed.

Article 13 Prohibitions
Members shall not engage in any of the following acts in the Studio or in the Studio’s neighborhood. The Company may order the Member to withdraw from the Studio immediately if the Member commits any of the acts listed in Items 1 through 7, or if the Member commits any of the acts listed in Items 8 through 15, if the Member fails to cease or improve such acts despite the Company’s notice to the Member to cease or improve such acts.
If a third party (including other members. Violent acts such as hitting, pushing, or restraining a third party (including other members, the same applies hereinafter) or the instructors and staff of the Studio (hereinafter referred to as “Staff Members”)
Any act such as disobeying the instructions or guidance of the Staff and Instructors or the rules of the Studio
Throwing, breaking, hitting, or any other dangerous behavior that may cause fear in a third party or the Staff.
Damaging, removing, or altering the Studio’s facilities (including equipment and fixtures).
Any action that endangers or may endanger the safety or health of oneself, a third party, or staff members.
Bringing dangerous items such as knives into the Studio.
Soliciting or extracting other members or staff members to perform Pilates outside of the Studio (including soliciting or extracting Pilates instruction).
Providing information about the Studio’s system, lesson content, or other information about the Studio’s know-how to a third party.
(4) Behavior that offends the law or public order and morals, such as molestation, peeping, exposure, etc.
Behavior that is offensive to others, such as slandering or defaming a third party, staff, or the Company (including the Studio).
Behavior that is threatening or disruptive, such as shouting, making strange noises, spitting, or blocking the way of a third party or staff member
Ambushing, following, or talking to a third party or staff member
Disturbing a third party or staff member through interviews, phone calls, or any other means without a valid reason.
Selling goods to other members or staff members, advertising, business activities, lending money, soliciting for religious or network business, political activities, or signing petitions.
Bringing expensive money or valuables into the Studio.
Disturbing the order or public morals in the Studio
Any other behavior that the Company deems unbecoming of a member.

Article 14 Prohibition of Use
Any person who falls under any of the following items shall be prohibited from using the Studio for the period specified in each item.
Those who have a contagious disease or a disease that may be contagious or infectious to others.
 Those who have been diagnosed by a physician as having completely recovered from an infectious disease or as being free from the risk of contagion or infection.
Persons suffering from mental illness
 A period of time until a physician approves the use of this studio.
Persons who are unable to use the Studio’s facilities or take lessons under normal circumstances due to alcohol or drug consumption.
 A period of time until the Company deems that the person is no longer under the influence of alcohol or drugs and is able to use the Studio’s facilities and participate in lessons.
Those who are otherwise prohibited from exercising by a physician.
 Those who have recovered from a medical condition and are allowed to exercise by a physician.

Article 15 Temporary Closure of Facilities
The Studio may be temporarily closed or closed in whole or in part in the following cases If the closure or closure is scheduled in advance, the Studio will notify the Member at least 2 months prior to the closure or closure. Temporary closure or closure does not relieve members of any obligation to pay fees, unless otherwise approved by the Company.
In the event of a weather disaster or other external cause that is deemed to affect the member.
When unavoidable due to facility expansion, renovation, repair, or inspection
When the Company deems it unavoidable due to other serious reasons, such as guidance from the relevant authorities in accordance with laws and regulations.

Article 16 Changes to the Terms of Use
The Company may change the Terms of Use, the Admission Guide, or other provisions of the Company when deemed necessary for the operation of the Studio or in response to changes in economic conditions, etc. In such cases, the Company shall notify members at least two months in advance, and the changed Terms of Use, etc. shall be effective for all members.

Article 17 Liability for Damages of Members
If a member causes damage to the Company or a third party at the Studio due to reasons attributable to the member, the member shall be held responsible for such damage.

Article 18 Disclaimer
The Company shall not be liable for any damages other than those based on accidents involving bodily injury caused by the intentional or gross negligence of its staff members. The Company shall not be liable for any injury or physical condition of a member caused by errors in the information provided by the member (including those who wish to take a trial lesson and enroll in the studio) in the application form or enrollment form for using the studio.
The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by a member due to the establishment, modification or discontinuation of a course, or modification or discontinuation of these Terms of Use, the Admission Guide or any other provisions of the Company.
The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by a member in the event of a leak of the member’s personal information, as long as the Company complies with the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information and the Company’s rules for the handling of personal information.
The Company shall not be liable for any damage, loss, or theft of a member’s belongings that occurs at the Studio.
The Company will not be involved in any disputes or problems that arise between members.

Article 19 Method of Notification
Notification to members as stipulated in this agreement shall be posted in the studio or on the website.

Article 20 Governing Law
The contract between a member (including those who wish to take a trial lesson and join) and the Company shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.

Article 21 Court of Jurisdiction
In the event that a lawsuit is necessary between a member (including those who wish to take a trial lesson or enroll in the service) and the Company, the court of jurisdiction where the Company is located shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.