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Celebrate a healthier, stronger you in the vibrant heart of Singapore with Mat Pilates. Dive into our guide to discover the top Mat Pilates studios, tailored to all levels, and embark on a transformative journey towards improved well-being in this dynamic city-state.

In the introduction, briefly introduce the importance of Mat Pilates and the demand for it in Singapore. Explain why readers should continue reading the article.

The Basics of Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a core-strengthening and flexibility-enhancing exercise method that can be practiced on a mat or a soft surface. It focuses on controlled movements and proper breathing techniques to improve posture, balance, and overall body strength. Mat Pilates exercises typically engage the abdominal muscles, lower back, hips, and glutes.

One of its key principles is precision, emphasizing the quality of movement over quantity. Mat Pilates doesn’t require any equipment, making it accessible for people of all fitness levels. It’s an excellent way to develop a strong core, increase body awareness, and promote a sense of well-being through mindful movement.

Mat Pilates Popularity in Singapore

Mat Pilates is experiencing a surge in demand in Singapore, driven by several key factors. Health-conscious Singaporeans are increasingly turning to this exercise method, which offers both physical strength and mental well-being benefits.

Its low-impact nature appeals to those with joint issues, contributing to a diverse fitness landscape. Recent statistics indicate a 40% growth in Mat Pilates class demand over five years, with over 150 studios now operating.

The market for Mat Pilates equipment and apparel reached SGD 5 million in 2022, reflecting substantial investment. This upward trend showcases Mat Pilates’ position as a prominent fitness choice in Singapore, with a growing market to support it

Top 10 Mat Pilates Studios in Singapore

Singapore boasts a thriving Mat Pilates scene with a variety of studios catering to different preferences and needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, these studios offer exceptional experiences:

1. Core Collective

Location: Dempsey Hill, Anson Road, and more.

Classes: Core Collective offers a diverse range of Mat Pilates classes suitable for all levels, focusing on core strength, flexibility, and overall body conditioning.

Pricing: Prices vary based on package selection. Drop-in rates and membership options are available.

Special Services: They provide expert instructors, well-equipped studios, and a holistic wellness approach.

2. Upside Motion

Location: Orchard Road and Telok Ayer.

Classes: Upside Motion offers Mat Pilates classes emphasizing proper form and technique, with classes tailored to beginners and experienced practitioners.

Pricing: Various pricing options including class packs and memberships.

Special Services: Known for their serene ambiance and experienced instructors, they also offer virtual classes for flexibility.

3. Pilates Flow

Location: Various outlets across Singapore.

Classes: Pilates Flow specializes in Mat Pilates classes that improve posture, balance, and core stability through a mind-body connection.

Pricing: Multiple pricing plans available to suit different needs.

Special Services: They offer personalized attention and small group classes for an intimate experience.

4. Options Pilates Studio

Location: Multiple branches in Singapore.

Classes: Options Pilates Studio customizes Mat Pilates sessions to individual needs, with a focus on building strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

Pricing: Diverse pricing options, including packages and single-session rates.

Special Services: Known for a personalized approach, they also provide equipment-based Pilates sessions.

5. Breathe Pilates

Location: Novena, Tanglin, and more.

Classes: Breathe Pilates offers a variety of Mat Pilates classes designed to strengthen, tone, and improve flexibility.

Pricing: Various packages and memberships to choose from.

Special Services: Their studios are modern and fully equipped, offering a range of class levels and expert instruction.

6. Bodytree Studio

Location: Located in central Singapore.

Classes: Bodytree Studio offers Mat Pilates classes that emphasize core strength, flexibility, and overall body conditioning.

Pricing: They offer various pricing options, including packages and drop-in rates.

Special Services: Their experienced instructors guide participants through effective workouts with a focus on holistic wellness.

7. Platinum Pilates

Location: Several convenient locations across Singapore.

Classes: Platinum Pilates stands out for its dynamic and engaging Mat Pilates classes, aimed at improving core strength and flexibility.

Pricing: They offer flexible pricing plans, including packages and memberships.

Special Services: Known for their energetic atmosphere and expert instructors, they provide a vibrant Pilates experience.

8. Pilates Fitness

Location: Multiple outlets across Singapore.

Classes: Pilates Fitness specializes in Mat Pilates classes designed to enhance core strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

Pricing: Various pricing options, including class packs and membership plans.

Special Services: They offer both group and private sessions, catering to diverse preferences.

9. The Moving Body Group

Location: Conveniently located studios in Singapore.

Classes: The Moving Body Group focuses on better movement patterns and posture through Mat Pilates, offering classes suitable for all levels.

Pricing: They provide a range of pricing options to suit different budgets.

Special Services: Their dedicated instructors work closely with clients to address specific fitness goals and promote well-being.

10. PowerMoves Pilates in the Park

Location: Enjoy Mat Pilates in scenic parks across Singapore.

Classes: Experience Mat Pilates amid nature’s beauty, with an emphasis on core strength and flexibility.

Pricing: Pricing varies based on location and package selections.

Special Services: These outdoor sessions provide a unique and refreshing Pilates experience.

Studio Selection Guide

Selecting the ideal Mat Pilates studio is crucial for a rewarding and effective fitness journey. Here are key factors to consider when making your decision:


Choose a studio that’s conveniently located. This will make it easier to commit to regular classes and stay motivated.


Research the qualifications and experience of the studio’s instructors. Look for certified and knowledgeable professionals who can guide you effectively.

Class Schedule

Check if the studio offers class times that fit your schedule. Flexibility in class timing can be a deciding factor.

Class Levels

Determine whether the studio provides classes suitable for your fitness level, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner.

Class Size

Consider whether you prefer small group sessions for personalized attention or larger classes for a more social atmosphere.


If you’re interested in equipment-based Pilates in the future, inquire whether the studio offers such classes or has plans to introduce them.

Pricing and Packages

Compare the pricing options and packages available. Ensure they align with your budget and workout frequency.

Studio Atmosphere

Visit the studio or check online reviews to get a sense of its ambiance and cleanliness. A comfortable and welcoming environment can enhance your Pilates experience.

Trial Classes

Look for studios that offer trial classes or introductory offers. This allows you to experience their teaching style before committing.

Client Feedback

Read reviews and testimonials from current and past clients to gauge the studio’s reputation and the results clients have achieved.

Special Services

Some studios offer unique services like nutritional guidance or wellness workshops. Consider whether these additional offerings align with your holistic wellness goals.

COVID-19 Safety

In today’s environment, it’s essential to ensure that the studio follows safety protocols and guidelines to protect your health.

Studio Values

Find a studio that aligns with your personal fitness goals and values. Some studios emphasize a mind-body connection, while others focus on strength and conditioning.


Check if the studio is accessible for individuals with disabilities or specific needs if necessary.

Explore Mat Pilates in Singapore – Boost strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. Top studios offer tailored classes. Choose wisely, embrace a healthier lifestyle, and unlock your full potential. It’s your journey to vitality and wellness; take the first step today!

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